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Debian is one of the earliest Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel. Debian can be shipped with different operating system kernels, such as Linux, kFreeBSD or GNU Hurd.

Supported File Systems and Device Mapper Targets

The table below shows the supported types of zoned block devices for the most recent distribution releases.

Distribution VersionKernel VersionSCSI ZBC and ATA ZAC SupportNVMe ZNS Supportnull_blk Zone   Emulation Supportscsi_debug ZBC   Emulation  Support 

Supported File Systems and Device Mapper Targets

Starting with the Bullseye release, Debian offers support for all kernel components currently supporting zoned block devices.

File SystemsDevice Mapper
Distribution VersionKernel Versionf2fszonefsbtrfslinearflakeyzonedcrypt

Available Pre-Compiled Packages

Debian does not provide all pre-compiled application packages supporting zoned block devices. In particular, user utilities for the zonefs file system and the dm-zoned device mapper target are not available (these utilities need to be compiled from source).

Available packages are:

  • System utilities packages:

    • util-linux (blkzone utility)
    • nvme-cli
    • sg3-utils
  • Libraries related packages:

    • libblkid1 (and libblkid-dev)
    • libzbd1 (and libzbd-dev)
    • zbd-utils (includes both command line and graphical tools)
  • File systems related packages:

    • btrfs-progs
    • f2fs-tools