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Supported File Systems

Multiple file systems support zoned block devices. This collection of file systems have support for zoned block devices:

Other file systems, with does not natively support zoned block devices, can be used together with a device mapper, such as dm-zoned.

In-progress Work


XFS currently does not support zoned block devices. An early design document discussed the development work necessary to support host aware and host managed disks with XFS. Parts of this design have already been implemented and included into the kernel stable releases (e.g. the "per inode reverse block mapping b-trees" feature). However, more work is necessary to fully support zoned block devices and is in active development.


Attempts at improving ext4 performance with host aware zoned block devices by making changes to the file system journal management are described in in this article. These changes are small and succeed in maintaining good performance. However, support for host managed zoned block devices is not provided, because some of the fundamental aspects of ext4 design cannot easily be changed to match host managed device constraints.

The field of host optimizations for host aware zoned block devices remains in the research phase and is not included in ext4 stable kernel releases. It should also be noted that ext4 does not support host managed disks.