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Benchmarking RocksDB - ZenFS

ZenFS is a file system plugin that utilizes RocksDB's FileSystem interface to place files into zones on a raw zoned block device.

-- ZenFS

To setup ZenFS on a NVMe ZNS device, follow the instructions here.

Basic db_bench performance testing can be done by following the instructions here.

The performance results in section 5.2 of the paper ZNS: Avoiding the Block Interface Tax for Flash-based SSDs can be replicated by using the ZBDBench benchmark collection.

The following command will replicate the performance tests shown in the paper.

# python3 ./ -d /dev/nvmeXnX -b zns_atc_paper_eval

The results hown in section 5.2 of the paper were obtained using a 2TB NVMe ZNS device. ZNS devices with different capacities have different maximum performance.